a brother

Our Men's ministry is a fellowship of brothers coming together to build each other up and challenge one another to be strong, mighty men of valor. It is a brotherhood of believers striving to build families, businesses, and communities that reflect the true nature of God.

a sister

Our Women's Ministry is a fellowship of sisters coming together to support and strengthen each other as we learn to walk in freedom, forgiveness, and faith. It is a sisterhood of believers with the emphasis on pointing women to Jesus realizing He is our true hope in this world. We strive to find our identity in Him!


a  neighbor

The church is God's mouth, hands, and feet in this world -- the body of Christ. Our church is about the business of ministering to those in need. This includes not only sharing the Gospel, but also meeting any physical needs. Our actions demonstrate the love of God working in our hearts as we help the poor and give comfort to those that are discouraged.